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The single biggest problem in communication
is the illusion that it has taken place.
— George Bernard Shaw

What if your most brilliant employees were also your most brilliant communicators?

Developers - Engineers - Analysts.  They are artists who typically communicate in code, search strings, and data sets.  They are gifted technically, analytically, and often strategically. Their language is distinct and specific. They listen when there is something compelling to hear, something that makes them think.  They listen when something is worthy of their time. 

Subjects like communication, emotional intelligence, leadership and energy can seem a bit, well, "squishy" to most people. Yet, research tells us that these are the very skills that underpin individual, team and organizational success. So, how do you get them to take off their headphones and engage?

we have the secret decoder ring.

The technically proficient among us are trained to work on highly complex problems.  They summon all of their powers to fix a bug, right the code that isn’t working or sift through data to deliver an accurate solution.  The simplicity inherent in the 'soft skills' like communication can undermine the importance of mastering themGood communication is simple but that doesn't mean it's easy. Getting it wrong can bring down a whole system.  

At The Energy Initiative we ground all we do in neuroscience, research and documented study.  Simple makes sense and can even be truly compelling when you "speak geek."  

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  • Break the silos
  • Understand individual and team communications styles and preferences
  • Deliver the messages they intend to deliver
  • Resolve conflict
  • Have difficult conversations
  • Build powerful teams
  • Strengthen relationships across departments