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Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.
— Albert Einstein

what do you get from your training dollars?

We've all been there.  You go to a workshop or seminar and walk out completely energized - mind reeling with new information - excited to implement what you've learned.  You're going to blow everyone away when you get back to the office!

But when you get back, it's another story.  Your absence, far from unnoticed, has resulted in scores of emails, voicemail, and requests.  You put your excitement aside - just until you catch up - then you'll come back to it... 

Sound familiar?

The Energy Initiative is something different.  Our leadership labs are just that, labs... Not workshops, not seminars, but true labs where experimentation ignites change. Collaborating together, leaders will dig deep, identify obstacles and find solutions that work.

crush it.

Our evidence based CRUSH approach allows participants to begin using their newfound strategies before they leave the room - no more training manuals gathering dust on office bookshelves.

making it Clear

The first segment of every lab is about elevating the group's awareness around the topic. Combining current best business practices with the latest research and advancements in areas like neuroscience and positive psychology, we ensure that everyone is clear - on the same page and up to speed before moving on.

Making it Real

What's in it for me?  Research and practice confirm that people don't change ... except when they do. And they 'do' when they believe the change will benefit them. Through experimentation, case studies, games and rich discussion, we bring to light what about the topic is most relevant to each participant - what makes it real to them.  

Making it stick

Just because you understand the problem (it's CLEAR) and it matters to you (it's REAL), doesn't mean you'll actually do anything about it. Understanding barriers is key to taking and sustaining action. Using a series of engaging and interactive exercises designed to help leaders hone in on what holds them back, participants create practical roadmaps to taking action.

Make it Habit

This is where the rubber meets the road. Sustainable change is actually growth - and real growth takes place in small, incremental steps.  Applying the Energy Initiative's formula to their roadmaps, participants will begin taking action before they leave the lab.

The Energy Initiative offers Leadership Labs on a variety of topics. Each Lab is specifically designed to be effective in assisting participants with the development of their management and leadership skills. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt these Labs (or even build others!) to further tailor training to suit your needs----to us, flexibility is key.